Deliciously different post-mix syrups

Supplying UK businesses an exciting alternative to draft soft drinks with handcrafted post-mix syrups.

Vegan Society Approved

Sustainable Packaging

Handcrafted In-house

We donate to Tree Aid

Traditional soft drinks just got fancy

When you’re trying to make a profit in cafes, pubs, and restaurants, soft drinks can cramp your style. They’re expensive, take up essential stock room space, and often aren’t suitable for vegans or vegetarians. Our post-mix syrups let you sell divine soft drinks at premium prices but for a fraction of the cost – and are the only drink syrups approved by The Vegan Society in the UK. Our unique sustainable bag in the box packaging significantly reduces recycling too!

Craft drinks bubbling with botanical goodness

Our tantalising post-mix syrups inflate your profit margin with 70 litres of soft drink created from every box. Using fine ingredients traced back to their source, we craft these beautiful post-mix syrups in-house, and install quality soft drinks dispensers to bring on the fizz and delight your customers. 

The wholesale drinks supplier

Perfectly profitable from the first sip to the last drop

From the hassle-free installation and maintenance of your equipment to getting back to you within 48hrs, we’re committed to delivering first-class customer service. Which means you can focus on keeping your customers happy – without any soft drink disasters getting in the way.

Order online

We make it easy to order your post-mix syrups online, so you can spend more time dreaming up cocktail creations and less time waiting on the phone.

Personal service

We set you up with soft drink dispensers, storage, and cooling equipment and guarantee you’ll have a response within 48hrs if there’s ever any issue.

Premium profits

Our post-mix syrups are the perfect way to increase your profit margin by making soft drinks go further while charging more for their artisanal quality.

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For every box sold, we donate to Tree Aid

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